Given the clinical direction of the discipline, the importance of the issues of effective and safe treatment, individualization of therapy – as the mainstream of modern medicine – the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy was based in the University.

The department taught disciplines such as clinical pharmacology for medical students, dental, international, nursing and medical interns in different specialties, as well as pharmacotherapy

and clinical pharmacy student of pharmaceutical faculty. Teaching farmakotrapii and Clinical Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy students is carried out for 4-5 courses and completed by passing the State exam.

For the teaching staff of the Department of courses in collaboration with relevant departments and the National Pharmaceutical DONETSK NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY,

prepared and issued with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science, also Ministverstva of Health: a textbook of clinical pharmacology at the Ukrainian and Russian languages, textbooks of clinical pharmacology at the Ukrainian and English, a textbook on drug therapy, a collection of lectures and Atlas of pharmaceutical care.

The main direction of scientific and practical activities the department is the clinical pharmacology of cardiovascular drugs. Department staff are actively involved in medical and pharmaceutical research forums, regularly take part in scientific conferences on cardiology.

Clinical department has two bases in the Donetsk Regional Clinical Territorial Medical Association (DOKTMO) and the Regional Children’s Hospital (CSTO), which allows conduct classes

with students and doctors-interns in various fields. Also, the chair has a training unit, which is located in a hostel number 1 Medical University. Medical staff of the department shall work in the therapy, rheumatology, Nephrology DOKTMO offices and cubicles in the department of the CSTO.