Pediatrics and Public Health





Department of Pediatrics was founded at the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Donetsk Medical Institute, July 10, 1972 Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor SSOstropoltsem. On September 1, 2002. the chair of Dr. med. of Sciences of a professor of NV Sermon.

The Department conducts pre-certification cycles of Pediatrics, Pediatric Hematology and cycles of thematic improvement for children’s cardiologists and hematologists.Ongoing training of graduate students, masters, clinical residents. The department has all the conditions for post-graduate training: the audience, training rooms, equipped with the necessary equipment. A team of established and functioning system for optimizing the educational process.

Department staff have the highest medical category. Since 1986, there is no discrepancy between clinical and postmortem diagnoses. Department staff five days a week, consult in the clinic, which organized special counseling techniques: kardiorevmatologichesky, Pulmonary, Nephrology, etc.

Disciplines taught by the department, are clinical.
Location of the department, the department offices / phone numbers:

83003, Donetsk, 3, etc. Lenin 16, Donetsk National Medical University. Maxim Gorky, Department of Pediatrics FIPOI
Tel: (0622) 66-20-20, (0622) 66-61-59

Department of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery and Rehabilitation IVNH

Institute of Urgent and Reconstructive Surgery. VK Husak. Donetsk – 83 045, Leninsky pr, 47.

By the base can be reached as follows:
Route taxis: № 7B and 11B to the end, then tram number 4, 8 and Gusak.

Department of Children oncohematological

Institute of Urgent and Reconstructive Surgery. VK Husak. Donetsk – 83 045, Leninsky pr, 47.

By the chair of is possible to reach in the following way:

fixed-route taxi: № 7B and 11B up to the ultimate, then a tram № 4, 8 up to Gusak.

Urban specialized orphanage, “Our Children”.

By the Department can be reached as follows:
trolleybus № 4,7,11 to the end, then trolleybus № 9,10 to the stop. “w. Zasyadko.”

Department of Pediatrics № 1

Professor Golomb Michael Miller, head of the Department of Pediatrics, Donetsk Medical Institute in 1957, organized a course at the Department of Hospital Pediatrics. In 1958 he headed the newly formed department of Faculty and Hospital Pediatrics. M.B.Golomb.

In 1962, Associate Professor Efim Moiseevich Vitebsk organized and headed the Department of Hospital Pediatrics in 1967 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences and a professor. Vitebsk Professor EM head of the department,

which has consistently changed its name (and the Faculty Hospital of Pediatrics, Hospital of Pediatrics, Children’s Diseases № 2, childhood diseases № 1) until 1989.

In 1989 the department received the Associate Professor Anatoly Melnyk. Under his leadership, the department was prepared to publish the textbook

“Diseases of the kidney in children.” In 1996, the department was headed by Professor E.V.Prohorov.Eugene V. – Chairman of the Donetsk Regional Association of Pediatricians, the author of more than 400 scientific papers, including 8 monographs, 4 textbooks, 40 manuals, guidelines, newsletters, and sheets, 3 inventions, 28 rationalization proposals.

The main directions of the Department of

Research: rheumatology, nephrology. Educational methods: teaching students to children’s diseases of the 6th year, the development of teaching materials, regulating the process of learning to perform other duties of the reference department.Treatment: cardiorheumatology, nephrology, pulmonology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, allergology.

Location Department:

The department is based at Children’s Regional Hospital (CST) at: 83052, Donetsk, b.Shahtostroiteley, 14.

The department can be reached as follows:

number 8 trolley, bus or Plan route. bus number 32 or Plan route. taxi number number 23, 36, 83, to stop “Kalinin market.”

trolleybuses (marshr. taxi) № № 7, 11, 12, Plan route. taxi number number 70, 107 to the stop “Ulitsa Razenkova.”

trolley (marshr. taxi) № 4, Plan route. bus number 11B, 14, 46B, 107V to stop “Regional Children’s Hospital.”

Department of Pediatrics № 2

two separate pediatric departments: propaedeutic pediatrics and pediatric faculty. The department of pediatrics faculty headed by prof. Golomb, MB and worked in this capacity until 1965, after it received the superintendence of Professor. Resnick BJ In 1972 prof. Resnick BJ moved to Odessa.

In 1973 the Department of Pediatrics and propaedeutic faculty pediatrics have been combined into one department, headed by

prof. G. Dorofeev, who led the department until 1999 base chair for a long time were the children’s clinical hospital № 1 Department of Donetsk, currently a clinical base of the chair is GDKB number 1 in Donetsk.

In 1982, the organization of educational process in the relevant departments of the Faculty of Pediatrics has been a change in connection

with new curricula and programs. Since 1982, the Department of Pediatrics faculty received the names of Department of Children Diseases № 2, and the Department of Hospital Pediatrics – Department of Children Diseases № 1. At the Department of Children’s Diseases № 2 began to teach all students 4 and 5 courses.

At the same time the department was transferred to the students learning childhood diseases 4 and 5 courses of medical and sanitary departments.

Currently, the Department of Children’s Diseases № 2 Students are trained and preventive health and pediatric departments. Since 1999, the Department of Children’s Diseases № 2 in charge of MD Associate Churilina A.

The main directions of the Department of

Research: cardiovascular disease and non-rheumatic rheumatic nature. Training:training of students 4th and 5th year medical schools. Treatment: Provide advice to the departments of the hospital and clinic GDKB number 1. Guidelines: Training on the guidelines and recommendations, teaching aids.