Mgorky Donetsk National Medical University DNMU dentistry faculty, the curriculum is worked out for five academic years. The students master the basic subjects of medical and biological profile, as well as various clinical disciplines, which are necessary for a dentist. On successful completion of study, the graduates are given the Diploma of a Doctor – Dentist. The curriculum foresees the further postgraduate education. The degree awarded, is BDS.
For the junior courses, students study theoretical disciplines and beginning from the fourth course, they start studying clinical disciplines. Among them there are therapeutic and orthopaedic stomatology. The chairs of anatomy, histology, normal physiology, biochemistry, general chemistry, having wonderful traditions in our organization and high skilled teachers, teach their disciplines, taking into account the faculty’s specificity.

For mastering the propaedeutic course by students the departments were well equipped additional premises, acquired a necessary quantity of visual aids and special apparatus.  A metal-ceramic laboratory and a laboratory for high frequency melting and casting of dentures are specially organised.

The students study principal actual problems of dentistry: caries, parodonthosis, diseases of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity. The principle task of the dental faculty is perfection of higher dentistry education, raising the quality of doctors dental training.

At the faculty they worked out and applied the complex methodical ways for optimization of educational process, which is aimed at activisation of cognitive activity of students, development of habits for educational and researching work, training the creative method of approach for professional activity. The stomatological faculty helps the students to obtain good knowledge in the dental field. It grows and develops, absorbing all the best from the experience of the University’s work.

Gorky begins with 1963. Development of practical public health in the Donets Basin in the years demandedan urgent strengthening of dental services in our region and a significant increase in the State of dentists, especially in rural areas. It was at this time was organized by thetraining of this profile in medical schools in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk. The first issue of dentists in June 1968. Over the past decade on the faculty of our medical universitytrained about 7000 specialists, is now working in our country and abroad.

Ranked Among the graduates of our faculty – well-known people in the country, had won the respect and prestige of his high professional and personal qualities: Professor AV Pavlenko, Head Specialist MOH of Ukraine, Institute of Dentistry at the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

PL Shupyk; AN Horde for a long time led by the Office of Health Donetsk Regional State Administration, and then worked in the MLO of Ukraine, Prof. G. Don, who headed the Department of Dentistry and the Faculty of Postgraduate Education DNMU, and unfortunately , prematurely deceased; AP Scherban, Chief Specialist, Department of Health Visiting Donetsk regional state administration, the chief doctor at a local dental clinic.

During its existence the department has developed a cohesive team of teachers and researchers with high creative potential, capable of providing the educational process at a high level, owning modern medical-diagnostic technologies.

The faculty consists of nine departments: the Department of Pathological Physiology (Head – Corresponding Member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Victor N. Yale),

radiology and radiation of Anatomy (Head – Professor Ivan Petrovich Vakulenko),

dermatology (Head – Prof. Rushan Fatihovich Ayzyatulov),

surgical diseases of the dentalDepartment (Head – Professor Alexander G. Grintsov),

dentistry (Head – Prof. Alexander P. Pedorets)

dental surgery (Head – Prof. Igor sailor-Taranets),

Prosthodontics (Head – Professor Vladimir A. Klemin),

pediatric dentistry (Head – MD Ivan Chizhevsky),

propaedeutic Dentistry (Head – professor Alexander A. Hoopoe).

Currently, 118 faculty members have a 70 degree, including 15 doctors and 55 candidates of medical sciences. In the departments of the faculty teach 14 professors, 52 associate professors and 52 assistants.