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Mgorky Donetsk National Medical University


Study in Ukraine Mgorky Donetsk National Medical University a high quality of training: the highest fourth level of state accreditation;

Six departments of different forms of education;

About 400 faculty lecturers, scientists and staff, including 76 doctors of science, professors, 288 candidates of science and associate professors, 9 Honored Science and Technique Workers of Ukraine, one Honored Worker of Public Education of Ukraine, 5 laureates of The State Prize of Ukraine, 2 Experts of the State Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine;

The opportunity to get qualification in different professional levels from Bachelor?s Degree to Doctor of Medicine;

Diverse student body of 5000 people;

International student body from more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa are studying in

Poltava,Donetsk,Kharkiv,Ivano-frankov,Zaporozhyea,Ternopil,Bokovina,Cumy,Lugansk,Kiev etc

Post-graduate study on 55 specialties at internship and mastership;

Acknowledgement of the University diploma on the labor market (by WHO, GMC, USMLE, MCI, IMED, ECFMG and other organizations);

Cooperation and joint researches with many scientific institutions of former USSR and all over the world, such as Poland Medical Academy, Cambridge University, Virden University, clinics of urgent

medicine in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Israel, Medical Center of Cardiff (UK), Medical Center in Saint-Etienne (France), New York Medical Center, Ukrainian Medical Societies in Canada and Austria;

The opportunity to take any specialty courses in English;

A modern well-developed campus including five academic buildings, clinics, a library, 5 students? hostels, a gym, several canteens, etc.

This includes first level technical and vocational schools, second level technical and vocational colleges, and universities, which are considered the third level. In this write up, we will focus on university

education, so the term “higher education in Ukraine” will mean university education.

Higher education in Ukraine starts with the successful completion of the secondary education and passing the university entrance examination.

It is coordinated and supervised by the Ministry of Education and Sciences Ukraine.

Degrees awarded on successful completion include Bachelors degree, Masters Degree and Doctorate. Although there are some other degrees awarded in between, the afore mentioned three are the

strategic ones. The minimum duration of the university education that will merit a degree is four academic years for a bachelors degree program.

Medical courses requires longer duration, up to six years. MSc. and Phd. programs attract additional time, from one year to five years or more, depending on the program, the course, degree pursued

and student’s commitment.

Teaching language is either of the following:

•    Ukrainian Language (national language)

•    Russia Language

•    English Language (optional mainly for foreign students)


 Ukraine nationals study in their national languages, while foreign students have a choice of either the native language or English. This is subject to the availability of the program in English. 

Foreign students that opt to study in Ukrainian or Russian language undergoes a one year preparatory language course, during which they undergo a study of language and preparatory courses related to their future discipline.

On graduation, they receive an additional certificate of proficiency for the language, which compensates for the additional year.

Students studying in English language skip this preparatory stage, but studies the language as an independent course in the course of their academic program.

An academic year runs from 1st of September to 31st of June. This is split into two semesters having a brief two weeks winter break in January, and a long vacation from 1st of July to 31st of

August. For foreign students arriving Ukraine for the first time, their academic resumption date is dependent on the chosen language of study.

If the student will be studying in English language, then it is inevitable that the student arrives early enough to be ready for academic activities come September 1st. However, students that will have

to go through the language learning program are allowed to arrive a bit later, but not later than October 15th, to start language classes.

Foreign students are subjected to the same regulations and guidelines governing higher education in Ukraine. The only addition is that foreign students are  expected to legalize their certificates with

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on graduation. This confirms that the certificate was actually issued from a bonafide and accredited Ukrainian university.

Failure to do this might put the certificate under additional scrutiny, and in some cases, rejected or invalidated when tendered.

Ukraine has a teeming population of students undergoing higher education, in different fields and specialization. Among this population is a growing community of international students, arriving Ukraine annually for educational purposes.

Higher education system in Ukraine accommodates foreign students integration, with the award of certificates of international recognition, on graduation. The certificates are further legalized in the Ministry of Foreign affairs, for validation. If the students home country maintains a diplomatic mission in Ukraine, they also append a consular stamp to the certificate and the result sheet, for further authentication.


Unlike many other European countries higher education in Ukraine is comparatively cost effective. As a young sovereign nation, Ukraine is socially stable, with warm hospitality to foreigners. It is indeed, recommended for anyone seeking for quality and affordable education abroad. 

Visit the sections on requirements to study in Ukraine, and admission procedures to study in Ukraine to read more. You may also want to read on study in Ukraine universities for more insight.
In Voroshilov district of Donetsk city you can find a park of forged figures. Every year in this park takes place an international festival of blacksmith’s skill. After this festival, the best works are

exhibited in the park. In forged figures park you can also find arbour of loving couple, Ukrainian arbour and arbour four dragons, the alley Zodiac signs, the alley Newlyweds and the alley of Tales.

The next sightseeing of Dontesk is Ukrainian Steppe, the park of sculptures on Pushkin boulevard. All the works have a common subject the Slavic mythology and everyday life.

Eleven sculptures of the Ukrainian Steppe were donated to Donetsk by Ukrainian and German sculptors. In Donetsk tourists also can find the first monument to the Beatles established on the territory of the CIS and the Donetsk Small Railway installed in the park of the Leninskiy Komsomol.

In August 2009 in this park was opened Donbass Arena stadium, designed and built in accordance with the standards of UEFA category Elite.
The Azov Sea located in 95 km south from the city of Donetsk, is a popular recreational area for those living in Donetsk (Ukraine).